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The Single Biggest Problem Facing Humanity? Our (Lack of) Short Term Memory

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Hey, remember that time when there was that explosion on an offshore oil rig and for a month or so it looked like “they” (meaning of course the big evil corporations and government) didn’t have a fucking clue how to fix it? Remember when for a bit there it looked like we might have, you know, DESTROYED AN OCEAN!? And remember how that ocean is connected with all the other oceans, so theoretically “we” (well, actually “they”) might have actually opened up a non-stop, life-destroying oil pump that wouldn’t end until we’d, you know, accidentally of course, ended life as we know it and replaced our beautiful oceans with oily, goopy tar pits?

Remember that? Me neither! That was, like, 45 species-ending disasters ago. Jeez, get over yourself Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill.

Larose, Louisiana Protest Art (Flickr user Kris Krug)

Larose, Louisiana Protest Art (Flickr user Kris Krug)

Since then we’ve had earthquakes and/or devastating floods in Haiti, Chile, China, Japan, Pakistan, Germany, Australia, New York, Calgary, Toronto… all just part of the monthly news cycle right? Heck, I probably missed ten of them. But who cares!

Yawn, what else is on? Wanna watch the riots? Which part of the world are we watching get smashed over YouTube this week? Each one more apathy-inducing than the last. Millions upon millions of citizens desperately marching in the streets for a prayer at a better life in Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Iran, Syria, Egypt and even the good ol’ United States of America… each one making it more and more common place and status quo.

“Oh, are they marching somewhere else again? Brown people? Meh, they always do that. Police and/or military switched sides yet? No? Boorrrrriiinngggg!”

Oh my god! Did you hear that Kanye and Kim named their baby North West! Did you hear two people born into a laughably un-important and antiquated “Royal Family” had a kid!? Now that’s news, baby!

Now these guys are news!

Today’s Top News: Power outages? Power struggles? Nah… Power Couples!  (Flickr users Government of Alberta and zennie62)

Besides, we already learned all the lessons we needed to learn from the Gulf of Mexico… didn’t we? BP’s stock prices haven’t even recovered! That’s just straight up karma right there folks. Justice. Being. Served. They’ve got only 20,700 service stations around the globe, and I’m sure each and every one of them is currently as safe as can be, putting the environment before profits thanks to that mild dip in stocks. Everything is going to be fine. Stop whining you hippy!

That was only 3 years ago by the way. Not decades as it may seem. Three measly years. That didn’t used to be considered a long time, but now? Might as well be talking about 9/11, the one event that we just can’t seem to let go of. Hey, when’s the statute of limitations up on that by the way? How much longer can you just magically say those 3 numbers that happened over a decade ago and use them to justify the bombing of any given country or the stripping away of human rights? Forever?

“Yeah, we’re gonna have to go ahead and light the constitution on fire I’m afraid. Why? Well, 9/11 of course. Oh and Turkey’s gotta go too while we’re at it. Say what? Oh, 9/11. Also, we’re going to war with China. Yeah, they started Al Qaeda. Just trust us. It’s all in the new constitution… we’re just waiting for the ink to dry, you’ll get a copy. Any more questions? That’s what I thought… 9/11!”

(Flickr user Rob Shenk)

(Flickr user Rob Shenk)

Hey remember that economic collapse? What economic collapse!? Greece, Spain, Italy, USA, UK, Argentina… bah, they’ll all be fine. Remember all those things we changed after 2008? And the stuff we did? Me neither!

Sweep, Sweep.

The biggest issue facing the human race is quite likely not Climate Change, or War, or Terrorism, or Corruption. Rather, it’s our ongoing, never-ending ability to forget all of the above from week to week. Short-term memories are getting shorter. And there’s not much more room left under the carpet to keep on sweeping. Hey is that Iraq under there, next to Fukushima? Mexico, is that you?

Sweep, Sweep. Sweep, Sweep.

(Flicker user Bruce's Art Collection)

(Flicker user Bruce’s Art Collection)

  • golhanster

    So who is to blame? You guessed it, the self absorbed citizens. Politics – What? Voting – no time! Government is shut down, people dying of food poisoning – They should have cooked the chicken longer.